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Please note, all jobs begin with a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION IN-PERSON ESTIMATE.
If you do agree to the price, then we can haul away the items on the same day.


  • One Junk-A-Haulics truck and all the proper moving equipment.
  • One 2-man crew who are both professional and Certified Junk-A-Haulics’ haulers.
  • Labor: 20 minutes of FREE LABOR is included with every 1/4th of a truck (1 hour 20 minutes is included with a full load)
  • Disposal fees: All standard disposal costs for the discarded items included.

Additional fees may apply for long walk times, lots of bagging of items, excessive weight, hazardous materials, deconstructing furniture, carpet removal, light demolition, etc. Please note, we are always upfront with our pricing so if any of these charges do apply, we will discuss them with you prior to the job as part of your in-person, no obligation estimate.


  • Pricing estimator is based on volume – our trucks are 12 feet X 8 feet X 5 feet and can hold up to approximately 18 cubic yards. Please note, if the load is all extremely heavy materials such as concrete, slate, stone, bricks, etc., then bed load pricing applies, which means we can fill up to 1′ high.